Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Don Lingenfelter
User_Name: Link
Where: Clayton. N.Y. in the "beautiful 1000 Islands"
Year: "69"
Make_Model: "gTx" Convertible
Description: I bought my 1969 gTx convertible new. And still have it. I am the 1 and only owner. If you will notice the build date is 505 = May 5th 1969. It was a special request that Plymouth build it for me on my birthday May 6th. My best Birthday present ever. I ordered the car with no hubcaps and when it came in I took it down to Cheney's tire shop and had Keystone Classics installed. The plates are "69-gtx" they were registered to the car in 1973 the 1st year N.Y. State made Custom plates available to the public. The 1973 plates are still registered to the car. As you can see the gTx was not originally a 6 pack car. I installed the 6 pack setup myself. This gTx is very rare and might be 1 of 1 with the special options I ordered.

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