Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Gary Vienneau
User_Name: Proebody
Where: Ontario,Canada
Year: 1973
Make_Model: Challenger
Description: This vehicle has an 572 Cubic Inch Indy cylinder head motor. 12.5:1 comp.,ceramic coated pistons,Aluminum block and heads,Mopar performance 4.5" stroke Billet crank,MSD ignition with crank trigger,1050 Dominator,Pro race fogger nitrous system,727 TF,Dynamic 9" Converter.4" Flowmaster single chamber exhaust,M/T ET Street Tires 13.5x30x15.This car is all steel(except hood) and has full factory interior. This has gone 9.84@135mph straight motor,And 9.20@143mph on nitrous(not tuned yet). Car should go 8.80's with NOS fully tuned.This car weighs 3550 Lbs.It was featured on Hot Rod TV on March 2001. Also featured in Mopar Action Magazine in August of 98.

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