Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Travis Moseman
User_Name: Trumpanche
Where: College Station, TX
Year: 1973
Make_Model: Plymouth Barracuda
Description: My dad was the original purchaser of the car and he drug it along with the family when I was a kid (not running), and then let me have it when I started driving in 1997.
The Engine:
Stock Short Block - never been touched 360 heads milled .05" (9.3:1 CR) 1.88"/1.60" ported, but not by me Edelbrock Performer Intake and 600cfm carb Summit 204/214 @.05" .42"/.44" cam Hooker Super Comp Headers with Dynomax Super Turbo 2.5" MSD with original dist. set to 12 initial and 34 total Smallest radiator in Mopar history (18") with '85 Mercedes Diesel shroud and MP viscous fan - needle never budges! Chassis Dyno: 200 hp @ 5200rpm, 250 lb-ft below 3000rpm w/ valve float @ 4750 rpm 1/8th: 9.93s @ 73.3mph 2.3s 60ft best
Rebuilt A904 with 999 low gears *Thanks to Ryan Johnson (69DartGT360) and David Strickland (Stricnine) for help! B&M Transpak, Red Bands, Raybestos Clutches Bouchillon Kickdown Cable Kit (had to rebuild trans because of misadjusted stock kickdown after 2bbl-4bbl swap)
factory original 2.76 open gears
American Racing Torq Thrust II wheels - 17" rear 16" front BF Goodrich G-Force T/A KDWS tires Moog Offset UCA bushings - gained 3 degrees positive caster Moog rubber LCA bushings - tried polys, didn't like them Polyurethane Strut Rod and Sway Bar bushings PST 1" front sway bar (no bars from factory) - removed 3/4" bar in back due to poor power delivery out of corners

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