Moparts Car Show Entry 2002

realname: Kevin
User_Name: kwhmopar
Where: South Lyon, MI
Year: 1969
Make_Model: Dodge Dart Custom
Description: This 1969 Dart Custom started life with a 273 2bbl and 904 trans. I purchased this car in the summer of '83 just after graduating high school. I only drove it one year before tearing into it to create what you see here. The engine now is a '68 340 bored .030 over with a SIXPAK, 727 trans w/Cheetah valve body & B&M Holeshot convertor, 8.25" w/3.90:1 gears out back. I kept the original Custom trim but added the 'glass SIXPAK hood. The interior used to be a bench w/column shifter. I changed that to buckets w/console. I kept the body color close to original (light bronze poly) but changed the interior and top from tan to black. This car is like a member of the family. It has spent time in many relatives garages over the years 'til I finally completed it in the summer of '95. Now I don't let it out of my sight.

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