Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Dave
User_Name: DusterDave
Where: Tampa, FL
Year: 1973
Make_Model: Plymouth Duster
Description: Owner built Pro Street Duster that is backhalved with a 12 pt. rollcage. Supercharged 528" HEMI with MP Megablock, ported MP aluminum heads, BDS 8-71, twin 1050 Dominators, Straightline performance custom solid roller cam, Ross 7.5:1 blower pistons, Manley rods, Eagle 4.150 crank, and a custom Milodon external line oiling system. The elephant exhales through a custom 3-1/2" dual exhaust system featuring Hedman Husler 2-1/4" headers and Hooker Aero Chamber mufflers. It's backed up by a beefed 727 with a Dynamic 9-1/2" converter, PST driveshaft, and a Strange-equipped 41" wide Dana 60.

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