Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Peter Bergman
User_Name: roadracedartgt
Where: Long Island NY
Year: 1971
Make_Model: Dart Swinger GT
Description: 71 Dart GT, FC7, go wing, chin spoiler, hood scoops, hood pins, hood blackout, bumblebee stripe, billet wheels, flofit seats, floor console, a/c, p/b, p/s, big brakes, big t-bars, big tires, big sway bars, red powdercoated front calipers, 410 stroker motor, 500++HP, 904, 10", 8 3/4, TTI headers and exhaust, stainless 2.5 tips, X pipe, CD stereo, embroidered floor mats, H$ headlights, body color front bumper, lots O' fun!!!

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