Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Nick Spano
User_Name: 440Challenger
Where: New Jersey
Year: 1974
Make_Model: Dodge Challenger
Description: At the age of 16, (18 now)I went to look at a 1967 camaro and instead bought this challenger that was there next to it . It was just a shell in need of a total resto. Two years later my father and I have rebuilt the car completely. It has a 10:8:1 440, .030, ross flat tops, Eddys, and a solid 296/557 purple shaft. My best 1/4 time so far is 11.90 @114mph with 323's, full exhaust, full interior and an all steel body on pump gas. Did I mention I drive this car everyday? Thanks for looking, Nick

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