Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Eric "T-Bone" Moore
User_Name: TooMuchWork
Where: Long Island, New York
Year: 1970
Make_Model: Dodge Challenger
Description: At 17 this is my first car that means something. It's a 340 4 barrel, 4 speed car, it has 3.91 gears with SG, Cam, Headers, Taylor Wires, Eddy Performer carb,Crane push rods and lifters, Master Power Brakes conversion in the front, and PST front suspension. The car is daily driven to school everyday, and treated to washes and waxes during the weekends. Soon to come are TTII wheels 17's all around, go wing, R/T stripes and black outs. Thanks and you for looking.

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