Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Josh Boughey
User_Name: ultrajosh
Where: Near Boston
Year: 1966
Make_Model: Plymouth Barracuda
Description: Before midnight blue slant-6 car with automatic console, light blue interior, p/s, 9" drum brakes, 7.25" rear, 4" bolt pattern

After B7 blue, '71 340ci V8, aluminum A833OD 4-speed, Hurst shifter, 3.91 Sure Grip diff, gas shocks, stiff rear springs, 1.125" front sway bar, heavy torsion bars, front discs, sport steering, 4.5" bolt pattern wheels

The car was painted and had the fresh interior when I bought it. I did all the mechanical upgrades in my garage except machine work and exhaust system. Wherever possible I used refurbished parts to keep costs down.

Future plans include hydraulic clutch, tranny rebuild, front floorpan, front-end rebuild.

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Engine and exhaust
- 1969 340ci V8 bored .040" over - 915/J heads w/ 2.02" intake and 1.60" exhaust, decked to 70cc - Hughes 3038 hyd cam INT .515" EXH .535" Duration @ .050" 230/237 LSA 110 - Keith Black 10.5:1 hypereutectic pistons - Stock rods and forged crank - Edelbrock RPM Air Gap intake - Speed Demon 650 cfm carb mechanical secondaries - HP exhaust manifolds - 2.25 and 2.5 dual pipes with x-pipe and stock-type mufflers

Transmission and Rear
- '78 A833 Overdrive 4-speed trans - Hurst Competition Plus shifter - 8.75 Sure Grip 3.91 - Moser axles w/ 4.5 bp, Greene bearings

Suspension and brakes
- Front discs - 10" x 1.75" rear drum brakes - KYB Gas-a-just shocks - 1.125 front sway bar, poly bushings - Moog offset upper control arm bushings (to increase static caster) - 6 leaf ESPO springs - custom spring brackets and shackles

Steering and wheels
- 16:1 close-ratio manual steering box - Torq Thrust clone wheels, 14x6 front / 15x6 rear (steel with aluminum centers) - Cheap used tires

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