Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Mark Romano
User_Name: Kudakidd
Where: Manchester, NH
Year: 1970
Make_Model: Plymouth Cuda
Description: The pictures are of my 1970 Plymouth ĎCuda. Exterior-wise, the body is rust free (which is a rarity in the Salt States) and is covered in original EV2 Tor-red paint. The shiney round things are dog dish caps and stock steel wheels wrapped with B.F.Goodrich 225/70-15 T/A tires up front and 255/60-15's out back. The interior is stock and the seats are covered with a Legendary T5 tan vinyl kit, while the carpet is original. Stock instrumentation is augmented by Autometer tachometer, oil pressure and water temperature gauges.

Under the hood rests a warm (when itís running) 440 wedge. Induction is handled by a Carter 750 on top of an stock manifold. The entire valvetrain is all Mopar and all stock. ( see a pattern here? ) The fuel passes through a set of "906" heads, then through a set of stock exhaust manifolds, stock mufflers and finally out the stock chromed-tipped tailpipes.

Lighting the mix is a Mopar Performance electronic ignition system with an orange box. It passes the spark through Petronix wires to Autolite 75 plugs.

The reciprocating assembly is stock along with a 10:1 compression ratio. Backing up the engine is a McLeod clutch package and a Chrysler New Process 4-speed transmission. The shifter is a Pistol grip stick. The ponies then head to a Dana 60 with 3.54 cogs.

The front and rear suspension is basically stock with all new components, including MP leaf springs. Underneath, the only addition is a MP adjustable pinion snubber. Manual drum brakes provide the only whoa power.

The car sees about 3000 street miles each year and actually gets 11 MPG on the highway! I drive it and drive it hard, the way Ma intended. Some people think Iím nuts doing this to a Ďsurvivorí, but I didnít like the TV show either!

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