Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Mike Tritle
User_Name: Mike_Tritle
Where: DeKalb, IL
Year: 1974
Make_Model: Plymouth Barracuda
Description: Purchase by wife and I new on Sept. 7, 1974. Originally a 318 car it performed family car duty for 8 years, was taken off the street and put into storage before the midwest winters destroyed it completely. Restored by CLHS High School Motorsports team in 89 and has been competitive in the NSCA, NMCA and PRO Nostalgia Muscle Car class for last three years. In 13 National events we've won 2 and runner upped twice. Most recent accomplishment was winning the Auto Meter Employee race at Byron Dragway Oct. 03. Car is street driven regularly. Finished 6th in PRO NMC national points 02 and 03. See full profile at Thanks for your vote!

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