Moparts Car Show Entry 2003

realname: Tom Edwards
User_Name: amxautox
Where: Washington State
Year: 1969
Make_Model: American Motor's AMX
Description: I bought the car, a '69, at a wrecking yard in July '97. I put it back on the road by Nov.'97. Did the suspension over that winter. I autocrossed my '98 Dodge SS/T pickup in the meantime,[ the summer of '98.] while I did the engine, mostly stock [ necessary for ESP class] with a factory hi performance cam. In 2000, in the second event I got 4th out of 11 entries. Maybe there's hope for us yet! This is against '90s and '80's vehicles, Mustangs, Camaros, ect. The DOG pulled the Camaro SS off the line July, '99 at the SCCA Pro Solo [ against a christmas tree, [side by side mirror courses] event here in Seattle. The '99 Camaro SS beat the '99 Firebird WS6. I had it painted Nov.-Dec. of '99, in rememberance of Mark Donohue of Trans Am fame. I have since finished the upper front spring tower cross support rods and to the firewall also. And put in a fuel cell. It has a 390 4-spd.w/Lakewood scatter shield, w/3:54 gears. '80's Corvette buckets. Oil cooler, w/road racing pan. Lowered 1". Gymkhana ant-sway bar pac. thanks, Tom Edwards

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