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Posting and Registering

In the interests of all who read & post to the sites, and We strives to keep its Member database current, valid, and accountable. Please be aware of the following:

1.) In order to post an On-line Swap Meet Classified Ad or participate in the Question & Answer Forum, you must first register using verifiable information.

2.) Each post made, by any Member in all forums, logs the source Internet Protocol (IP) address of that posting Member. The Site Administration of Moparts reserves the right to pursue appropriate action, including the release of your identity, in the event of a complaint or legal action arising from any message posted by you. Please post responsibly.

3.) Moparts is a mopar fan site. Do not email mopar questions directly to us,
use the Board or the old Tech Archives to help yourself.

4.) All Ebay , Craigslist & WIW (what is it worth) posts are to be listed in the Ebay / Craigslist / WIW Forum only, NO links to eBay in the parts Ads.
Sell it on moparts or eBay but NOT both.

5.) Take the time to read this whole area before e-mailing for help.

All registrations must include a valid email address. There is only one registration per email address.

Only ONE registration per person is permitted. Once your registration has been issued, you may modify your password & contact information under your "My Home" link.

User Names & Passwords for this site are upper & lower alpha-case sensitive - in other words, mopar, MOPAR, & MoPaR would constitute three different user names due to the way in which capital & lower case letters are used in each.

If you forget your user name or password,   Use the Forgot Password Feature on the Log In page.

Moparts Classified Advertising Guidelines

Please note that we require every parts ad to have:

  • Contact info (e-mail and/or phone)
  • Your Location
  • And a PRICE on all for sale ads
  • Posted by replying in the proper place

There will be no "flooding" ads (the same ad posted in all categories) & there will be ONLY ONE AD PER ITEM PER MONTH , OR PER QUARTER FOR THE CATEGORIES THAT ARE UPDATED QUARTERLY! Do not re-list your item for sale/wanted trying to keep it near the front. All ads will be deleted if found to be multi-listing.

To place a pictures in your ad.

Use the attach file feature on the post preview screen. The attach file feature can be used for only the first picture. UBB code can be used for a 2nd picture loaded from your own server.
ALL pictures should be in .jpg format and no more than 500 pixels wide, Over size pictures will be deleted ! Please only include a max of 2 pictures per ad. Use links to the pictures for more than two.

Links to eBay "solicitations" or other auctions are not permitted and will be removed
ads posted to the wrong area will be deleted
NO flooding the parts pages with the same ad in every area.

Also when replying to an ad, USE e-mail, phone or Personal Messages Only. DO NOT reply in the parts forum.

When you sell your item, Go back and edit your ad. If you are NOT going to respond to e-mail questions about your ad then do not place the ad in the first place !!

All Ads are Free and self service. Post and delete your own ads.

Moparts has no control over sellers or buyers, these are free self service unpaid ads, so be cautious and careful with your on-line transactions. Get to know who you are dealing with before you send any money.

Ads placed on the wrong page will be deleted. !
No ads are to be e-mailed to moparts.

When placing an Ad, what you are really doing is replying to the first post in each category.

Example: You want to place an ad in "C Body For Sale" , open that page or forum, click reply on the first ad on the page. That will then open the box where you can place your ad in that category.

Question And Answer Board - Registration and Help

Question And Answer Board
Attention: New Users

To register – click on the ‘new user’ link at the top of the page, Or click here:

Read the board rules, then click to check the ‘I agree’ box.

Next, select a Username and Display name. You login with the username, and the display name is what is displayed in your posts. For ease of use, you may want to make them the SAME. Note: Your username cannot contain any spaces.

For example: If your desired username is: Big Hemi then you would need to register as: Big_Hemi, or BigHemi, or Big-Hemi. Various combinations will work, as long as there is no empty space between the letters.

Then create a password, retype the password, and add your email address, and click the submit button.

Note: Usernames and passwords are case sensitive… do no forget how you registered or you will not be able to post.

If all the fields are filled in (and you didn't forget to check the ‘I agree’ box), the next screen will show that your are registered.

Now you can return to the main forum page and login.

Once you've Logged In, you can change your display preferences by clicking on the ‘my home’ link at the top of the forum page.

From here, you can:
· Read and send private messages - max saved 100 messages
· View post reminders
· See ‘friends on-line’ from your PM address book
· Track you ‘favorite’ threads
· Edit personal and display preferences.

Main Configuration

To change your password, email address, add a signature line, or add/change other personal information, click the ‘edit’ link next to the ‘Personal information’

To change display settings, forum colors, amount of threads per page visible, etc., click the ‘edit’ link next to the ‘Display preferences’

To change email subscription preferences, such as email notification of thread replies or new private messages, click the edit link next to the ‘subscribe/un subscribe’ link. Question & Answer Forum Posting Guidelines

After years in Cyber space, the Moparts Question & Answer Board has earned the reputation as a top Mopar Discussion Web site. Much of the site's integrity comes from the responsible participation of the Membership; we pride ourselves on being a family-oriented forum, & take precautions to keep it that way. As such, the discussion forums at Moparts are moderated against inappropriate language, images, topic content, & personal agendas or disagreements. Moparts Administration & their appointed Moderators retain editorial access to any & all user-generated content posted to this site, & reserve the right to lock or delete individual words, posts or entire threads at their own discretion.

~ What defines 'inappropriate' in a subjective, mopar discussion environment? Is there a hard fast set of rules, or list of "do's & don'ts" with regard to posting...?


We don't want it that way, & we doubt that you do either.

This is a MOPAR web site and the Question and Answer Forum is for and about everything MOPAR only. Topics about Religion, Politics, Parts For Sale/Wanted, Ebay rant, rant of the day and or any money solicitation will be deleted with out notice from this forum.

Moparts Question & Answer board is set up to help Moparts members with mopar questions. It is not a general purpose chat board. So please limit your question to mopar related topics.

Once again, we are a family-oriented mopar web site. Inappropriate content posted or implied will be deleted!

Our recommendation is simply for a new Member stick around for a while, & observe the topics & tones of discussion that fair well - and those that do not.


In the past, MOPARTS operated with a single discussion board. This system worked well enough until MOPARTS became more popular. When we updated the board a couple years ago, the MOPARTS GENERAL BOARD was added as a place to post non-tech auto information (i.e.. what color should I paint my car, what wheels look best, who's going to such-n-such a show, look what I did/bought, etc). Of course, there were, & still are, off-topic posts showing up every day. Many of these posts are questions & commentary about everyday life, & with our diverse membership, help is seldom more than a few minutes away.

However, as of late, there seems to be a stronger & stronger undercurrent of animosity being freely posted by a few members who, from the administration's point of view, are only trying to create an atmosphere of confrontation & intimidation. SUCH BEHAVIOR WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ON MOPARTS!

The purpose of this post is to inform ALL members that the MOPARTS GENERAL BOARD is here for our discussion of not only cars & all that is associated with them, but also about our lives as "car people" in general. As is written in the posting agreement that all members agreed to when signing up on MOPARTS: There will be NO discussions on the subjects of SEX, RELIGION, POLITICS or GUNS as these subjects all too quickly turn into name calling, personal insult hurling tirades which do more to damage a board's credibility than help & alienate members in the process.

We would also ask at this time that EVERYONE notice at the bottom of this & every post/reply on MOPARTS, the three small icons there. The buttons are, from left to right: PRINT PAGE, REMIND ME, & (most importantly) NOTIFY MODERATOR. By clicking on this (NOTIFY MODERATOR) button, all moderators will receive an E-mail with a DIRECT LINK to the post in question. We ask that if ANYONE sees/reads a post/response that does not follow the spirit of MOPARTS, PRESS THAT BUTTON!

If one of your posts/responses does get deleted, the reason was that the moderator determined that the action taken was in the best interest of Moparts.

To those who are tempted to respond to a post/response in a less than mature & friendly way, we ask that you ignore the post/poster, send your response via PM or E-mail, or use the NOTIFY MODERATOR button. MOPARTS is STILL a "family friendly" & will remain so. If you feel you MUST post about a forbidden subject, or your post may not be accepted by parents with young children (remember, we have MANY on MOPARTS), then PLEASE post elsewhere. The WWW is quite large & there are boards for every subject under the sun, where your questions/comments will be welcomed.

Yes, the posting guidelines on MOPARTS can be construed as "vague" & that is the way the administration wants things. Your best "posting guideline" should be something like: Never post something on the board that you wouldn't say to a stranger TO THEIR FACE, as a guest in someone's (in this case, it's Tom's) living room. Tom has graciously invited all MOPAR fans to his "house" here at MOPARTS & all we ask in return is that you behave accordingly.

Thank you for your time & understanding!

Adding Images

To add a graphic within your message, just encase the URL of the graphic image as shown in the following example (UBBCode™ is in red).

Correct Code For The Q&A Board:


Posting or Board Problems

We have found that some times the cookie that is set on your home computer, which stores your log in and other board info, get damaged.

To fix this problem, you need to delete ALL the moparts cookies from your browser and then log in again.
Doing this resets the cookie. Or If you can log in and get to "My Home" area there is a cookie repair button.

Also some firewalls and browsers can be set to block all cookies. If your system is set this way, you will not be able to log in to moparts and post and reply to threads.

Vendor Sales, Specials, Discounts and New Product Announcements guidelines:

Vendors are asked to make new product announcements only on the general board, And then the thread will be moved into the Moparts Hot Deals & New Products board.
Members are encouraged to ask the vendors technical questions of these new parts/services.

Sales, Specials, Discounts and New Product Announcements:

May be offered by all vendors and may be posted on the general board, And then the thread will be moved into the Moparts Hot Deals & New Products forum.

On occasion, a Moparts administrator will stickie a seasonal or holiday discount & sale thread or vendor list for large shows. These type of threads may also be started for other events such as the larger Mopar Shows and events. Any and all vendors are encouraged to participate in these types of threads. They are NOT discussion threads. Vendors MUST include contact information so that members can discuss items and purchases in private. Any questions or comments posted by members other than vendors in these type of threads will be deleted. In this type of thread it is permitted to mention discount percentages as well as special pricing on items or special offers such as free shipping, buy one get one, etc.

Any and all responses to any threads are subject to the normal Moparts posting guidelines and as such, can be deleted or edited for content at any time without notice.


Are permitted to answer threads that ask about "how to find" or "who sells" any particular new or reproduction part that they might sell. It is asked that vendors do not mention prices in these responses, but request any interested members to contact them through e-mail or private messages, or indicate a website address with more information. We ask that those who would like to casually sell used parts not post "...I have one..." during one of these posts, but instead use PM or E-mail. Again, vendors should feel free to answer any and all technical questions.


Remember that MANY Moparts sponsors already offer Moparts members special discounts, so always ASK if you're in doubt! Don't forget to let the vendors know that you saw their banner ad on moparts.

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