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Chrysler in Brazil

Chrysler produced a number of vehicles in Brazil over the years, all badged with the Dodge name, ending production with the sale of its facilities to Volkswagen when pressed for cash in 1980. Its production center was in the Sao Paulo area, along with most other automakers.

Chrysler's involvement in Brazil was a result of Simca's production. When Chrysler bought Simca in 1958, its first act in Brazil was to double the warranty of the small French-designed cars being produced there (with optional V8s for performance).

The Simca V8 is a continuation of the old Ford V8-60 flathead, Simca having taken over Ford-France in November 1954. This engine was developed in the US as an "economy" alternative to the larger Ford flathead V8; Henry Ford hated six-cylinder engines and originally insisted on a smaller V8 as an alternative after the last B/C 4-cylinder US Fords went out of production in the Thirties. The V8-60 was not a success in fullsize Fords, and was finally replaced by a six about 1941 or so after much persuasion by Edsel Ford. It was much more successful in smaller cars such as the French Ford line.

Brazilian versions of this engine were converted to overhead valve (OHV) configuration.  The OHV conversion was a hemi, with aluminum heads, it was a small engine (2.4) but very strong, about 135 hp and 20,0 kgfm of torque, (now a days this engine its very rare, im looking for one of these for my little dodge 1800, ) this engine was called EMI-SUL

The car which were equiped with emi-sul were: ESPLANADA, REGENTE and GTX (all of them very rare now a days)

By 1969, Chrysler started making a new line of Dodge trucks at a new factory. The D700s and D400s were followed by a Dodge pickup (d100-rare too!) . These were similar to the commercial vehicles sold in the US, with diesel versions coming later , alcohol-powered models in 1978. These trucks sold well, and may have been the most important reason for Volkswagen to acquire the Brazilian operations - they even kept the name until the end of 1984, when actual Volkswagen trucks replaced them.

Also in 1969, the Dodge Dart four-door sedan was introduced as a new car, . It had V8 power (318 5.2 198 hp and 41,5 kgfm) and a standard three-speed transmission. A two door coupe came out the next year.

There were Charger and Charger R/T versions, 318 5.2, 215 hp, 42,9 kgfm,dual exhausts, four-on-the-floor shifter, mag wheels, and bucket seats.

by 1979 came a luxuary version of the coupe (magnum) and one of the sedan (le baron)

Dodge 1800 (Horizon/Omni), a two-door sedan produced in England and Argentina as well. but this car had lots of problems with engine. after Chrysler fix all the problems the name was changed to Polara, which had a relatively good image

Luiz Gawendo

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1968 Chrysler GTX
(esplanada, regente and gtx were praticaly the same car. i dont have pictures of regente, i never saw one, and im sending an old picture of a gtx cause inever saw one too!)

1969/1970 dodge dart


dodge charger r/t 1971

dodge charger r/t 1971

charger r/t 1972

charger r/t 1973

dodge charger 1974

79-81 Magnum

Mopar Nationals - 26 e 27/11/2005
Itatiba, Brazil

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