Bayer Boys

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year: 1961 make: chrysler model: imperial LEBARON
This is my 61 IMP. I bought it in northern calif. in 1994, I paid 3,350 for it, i sat in a motel room for 3 days hemming & haughing if I should buy it. after i did, it took me 6 days to make it back to atanta, I made it all the way without a hitch. but I will say one thing, Ill never do it again, I kept thinking, WHAT IF I BREAKDOWN HERE! who am I gonna call, what am I going to do? but I made it, like a B-17 in WWII comming back from a Bombing run----- THANK YOU CHRYSLER!!!

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year: 1965 make: valiant model: wayfarer ute
this is 1 of 2000 built in australia, we imported it into the states in 1988, it runs a 225 slant, 904 auto, with a dutra hyper pak, 8 3/4 rear, 3:91 gear, it is the only example in the US. The ute was a beat to death farm truck, we did a decent quicko resto on it in 90, looked good for 2 days. We lived in miami at the time, it got hit in atlanta, twice in a wreck "not our fault" on the way to the nats on I 75, took 2 yrs to get the parts from australia

year: 1948 make: chrysler model: crown imperial limo
this is the car that i bought in jan 1969,i was 16,just got my license,my 1st car,we lived right off woodward ave so this was my cruiser in high school,drove it on woodward in the summer 69-71,boy was that a GREAT time!!had plenty of girls with us,free love,we were all hippies,it was my rolling motel!took it to FT LAUDERDALE for spring break,71,then out to phoenix after i got out of high school,lot of memories in this car,still have it,putting a 440 auto in it now,got to be able to drive it without breakin down,2 1/2 tons of fun!

year: 1972 make: chrysler model: valiant charger R/T
this is our 72 E49 clone,we imported it into the states in 1993 and promptly got in trouble with the DOT in washington DC,seems they changed the law on importing cars into the states,use to be that any car 20 yrs and older had no problem comin in,then in 1990 they changed it to 25 yrs old,the charger was 22 yrs old,not good,after a paper trail of 4 months,we finally got it out of the port only to take it to a museum in talladega,AL where it sat for 3yrs 8 months until it was 25 yrs old!then we drove it back to atlanta,that was the longest time in my life,i love this car,spent thousands on it and almost lost it to the US goverement,it has the HEMI 6,265 ci,302 HP,4spd,runs like a scalded cat!!goodbye 5.0 mules!this was the 1st aussie charger to be brought into the states,sure turns heads here,THANK YOU GRAEME!!

year: 1968 make: dodge model: coronet
my brother found this 68 dodge in a cow pasture in 1993. i was a hurricane andrew victim, i was fresh in town and needed a ride. he said you can have that coronet wgn. over there. i took one look and said, i aint driving that thing. being desparet i was the new owner of a 68 dodge wagon. well let me tell ya, you are viewing the most dependable vehicle ever made by man. this car is my daily transpo. when i got the in 93 it had 128000 on it today it has 236800 on it, with no end in sight. ive gotta addmit it did put a rebuit 225 in her. at 159000 ago. idrive this wagon 30 miles one way to work 5 days a week thats 300 a week 1200 a month. i know it looks bad, but, i have no computers, no fuel-injection, no payments, no problems and no lojack. i drive it to the store leave the keys on the floor, the windows down, and unlocked and absoultey nobody wants it. boy they dont know what theyre missing. i should get a trophy for the most ugly-dependable car on the planet.

year: 1973 make: dodge model: 200
this is billy bob,our workhorse,we bought it in '93,did a nice paintjob on it and then went 4 wheelin,REAL 4 WHEELIN,rolled it on its side,pushed it over and kept goin,this is what a 4x4 was ment to do,this truck has pulled out 3 semi trucks,with trailers,countless cars,even 10 motorhomes stuck in the mud at the race in talledaga,infield, last yr,runs a 383 4bbl,auto,its the only truck to be kicked out of the track for goin thru the mud pit,they didnt like us helpin out the stuck ones, was a wild time!


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