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Here's a short vid of an Australian "Chrysler by Chrysler" fully optioned including auto seek AM radio, dealer fitted lambswool seat covers, first aid kits and maps from the 70s all still in the glove box. All standard running gear. 360/727. This car was originally built for the Managing Director of Chrysler Australia, but when he took delivery he said he wanted the boroch(Flower patterned?) interior. The Fleet manager organized a new one to be built and the big boss drove this one drove this till it was ready. We never had Demo models back in those days so the fleet manager was forced to sell it as a 2nd hand vehicle, at a 2nd hand price. What a bargian so he offered it to his father who jumped at the chance and owned it all his life till the day came when he could no longer keep his drivers license due to health. The owner in the video was a friend of the family and also an active member of the local Chrysler Car Club, so the old man knew it would be in safe hands and so sold it on. Hard times fell on the new owner and he was forced to sell the much loved old beast, but who to? It couldnt just go to anyone. Well the grandson of the original owner decided it was part of the family and bought it back and has stored it. Its a true piece of Chrylser Australia history. The old girl still pulls hard and still smokes the bags with ease. Enjoy