Mopar Drag Racing History

We owned this car from 1972 until the late 80's. It was just sold to a gentlemen in minn. it is a original hemi 4speed car. was owned by bill weilman before man in minnesota.

Hello John,
My name is Carl Schodde Jr. I visit Marie's message board during national events to see if anybody has posted any news from the events and saw your name posted. It took me a minute but then I recognized it from an Eldora book that I was reading through that my father had. I have attached a scanned photo from it. My father raced at P.I.D. Eldora, Salem and Keystone frequently before he started Super Stock racing in the mid 1990's. His car was the Steel City Wedge. He still has Tom Myl's 1970 Hemi Cuda and I raced it last year, but now I am afraid to touch it knowing the value of the car. It has a 383 in it and I do not have any Hemi parts, know where I can dig some up?
Speaking of valuable, do you still have the cuda? That was an original 1971 Hemi Convertible correct? Can you give me some history about your car?
I hope you like the photo, I will try to find any color photos I have.
Hopefully we can meet sometime this summer.
Talk to you later,
Carl Schodde Jr.

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