Andy - 68 HEMI Dart

dyno sheet from Ray's place the other week, no change apart from the new cam shaft.
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Barton Hemi is now out of the car and getting a roller cam and a proper carb, now we can make some serious horse power I hope she'll go an 8 next time out.


Dart Racing 5m mpg

Dart Running 132k mpg

No nitrous 3.54 gears and a 30" tall tire, ouch, Ted says the track was shit, plus the air temp was 90+ and humid as hell!!
He's off to get the old 4.10's fitted today, and hopefully with some better air and the enw gears it'll go a high 9.
Not bad out of a pump gas motor with a .570" mechanical cam and 11:1 compression.
Oh and it lifts the wheels up on the street, so your in for a WILD ride

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