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Here is my 76 duster Prostreeter, It has a 366 cu. in. (360+.030) 10.5 to 1 JE's ported "J" heads a MP 296/557 Flat tappet cam w/ MP valve springs an roller rockers, it's balanced and blue printed, has a wieand tunnel ram w/ 2 side mounted 600 holley double pumpers, a 727 w/ a tranz brake and 8" 5000 conv. to a narrowed dana w/ 5.38,s it has weld aluma stars w/ 33x19.5s' an 8pt cage, autometer gauges, jaz seats rjs harness's,fiberglass fenders ,bumpers, deck lid, steel hood w/ 6" glass tec cowl grafted on, quarters streched 5" for clearence, i did all work including paint and body work myself, with exception of narrowing the rear. car gets drive all the time, built it to cruise, had to track a couple years ago went 11.30's on street tire's thru exh. If you could include it in your readers rides i'd be very happy. Thanks Proram (Scott)

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