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I thought I would send some photo's of my sleeper. Well it was a sleeper till I changed the wheels. It had the original wheels with the hubcaps when I got it. It is an original 426-415hp car. I just put the original radiator in it today. It is all original except for the block. I have the correct 426 max wedge block. It has 67000 miles on it. It has the pushbutton 727 and the 8 3/4 rearend with the origianal axles with the big nuts on the end of the. The car also has the 4.30 gears in it. It still has the original manifolds and exhaust back to the mufflers with the lake pipes (dump tubes) still on it. Thanks Scott

Update: I have now rebuilt and installed the original 426 max wedge motor back into the car. We put the first 50 miles on it at the Chrysler spring classic and have just now returned home. We used the original crank, j and e 11.2-1 pistons with .990 pins, eagle rods, put the correct carbs back on it, mopar 528 lift 284 duration mechanical cam, replaced all the valves and guides, springs, Locks, retainers and had to deck the heads .020 do to 1 being warped. Thanks Scott

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New Motor

This is Scott Reasoner. I took the max wedge to the local dragstrip. I have about 150 miles on the original motor now an I wanted to get this out of my blood. Actually I was tired of my friends giving me hell for having a max wedge and not racing it. In full street trim, with the air cleaners on it, left it in drive, launched it at 1500, went through the traps in high gear turning 5200 rpms. It went a 12.73@108mph. Most of the guys that give me a hard time are bowtie guys with hopped up camaros running 12.70s. I told them I was all stock and faster and now they leave me alone. Thanks for the web site. Scott

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Old Motor