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I acquired this vehicle just minutes before it was off to the local scrap metal yard where it would have turned into a Toyota or Mitsubishi.. Its an AP3 (Australian Production-3) 1961 Chrysler Royal Wayfarer "Ute", These old Chrysler utes are now very hard to find in any condition, due to the low numbers they were produced and the harsh Australian climate which tends to cause serious rust.. Fins and Tail light assembly is very similar to the 1959 Desotos..

What makes this particular "ute" so special is that it was a Factory V8 313, Push button Automatic and was made special order for the South Australian Police Department and is the only known AP3 V8 Wayfarer ute produced.. The car needs full Restoration, but is certainly a worthwhile project..

Also added is a photo of my brother "hamming" it up for the camera, he too is a Mopar collector - he even drinks "Dodge draught"!!


Adam in Australia

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