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Here are pictures of the two '67 Satellite Convertibles I have owned. Plymouth only built 1,364. I use them for a lot of photography because they are real headturners. Ahxjb@aol.com

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This white one had the standard 318/2bbl, with a 727 torqueflite. The interior was a beautiful burgundy and the top black. It was my daily driver for 7 years. It put me through college and was my commuter afterwards. I couldn't afford to restore it, so I sold it through Hemmings to someone in Chicago in 1994. It had 220,000 miles with nothing rebuilt. My friends (and girlfriend) were more sad than I was when the new owner came to pick it up. You can see some trademark New England Rust poking through the front QP's. The best trip was one summer when my roommate and I drove it to Manhattan for a night of bar-hopping. We met a group of nine blonde ballet dancers from Norway, and we fit them all!! Of course traffic came to a standstill.

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My bar-hopping days are over, but we have a garage and can keep a nicer car now. My wife and I recently "upgraded" to this factory 383/2bbl, with a 727 automatic. It is a gorgeous blue/blue with a white top. The car has 50k miles, dual exhaust, six pairs of seatbelts, dual side mirrors, sport rims and everything except the trunk light works. The previous owner had to put Belvedere rear trim on after he cracked a tail light. We have all the original pieces to go back on. Best ride to date was a cross country roadtrip to Colorado late this spring. Our snowboards went in the trunk, and the hotel manager insisted that we park in HIS heated indoor parking spot. Is that sweet, or what???

Thanks for everything, Moparts!