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Hi my name is Colin Bayley I live in Brentwood Bay BC Canada (Near Victoria on Vancouver Island) I am 17 and with my Dad Chris we have collected these cars my dads 75 Cordoba, my 76 Charger SE, and our 78 Plymouth Fury Sport, I will get pictures of the Fury asap.

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The Cordoba has just over 64,000 miles, a 360 with the only mods being a Mopar Perfomance aluminum intake, Edelbrock 600 carburator, Flow tech headers, Dual exhaust with Flow tech Turbo Raptor mufflers. It has a 904 with stage two shift kit. Future plans for the Cordoba include a 3.23 posi rearend, 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A 340 6Pak J heads 2.02 intake 160 exhaust, a motor build up, and Body work and Paint.

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The Charger was my first car and due to extensive rust I had to dismantle it. I am looking for a donor car to build on. When done the Charger will have big block motovation, the body will be painted Black, and asides from a possible hood scoop and muscle car wing will look pretty much stock. I intend to take the car to the track so the Charger will be ment to go.

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In December of last year 2001 I answered an ad in the paper for a 1978 Fury when I went to look at the car it turned out to be a white with green top Two door Fury Sport with a white interior 2nd owner and a little bit of rust in the quarters. So for 300 bucks I got the third member of our Mopar family. There will be three cars one from each Mopar make Dodge,Chrysler,Plymouth. Not to sure what im going to do with it i was thinking about collector plates and leaving it stock, doing a "factory hotrod" 360 4 bbl but with stock parts, really dont know yet.

Thanks, Colin Bayley