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My name is Dave Miller and I'm in Florida. I was a Mopar guy in the 60's and now my son has become one. His grandfather gave him his cherry 72 Charger for his 16th birthday two years ago. (Geez, if I remember right I think I got a damn Timex!!!) It's been garaged all it's life and only has about 77k on the odometer. Much against my pleas, he is pulling the 318 in favor of a modified 360. I told him I'd help him if he promised to keep ALL the original parts. The kid knows cars pretty well and loves driving it. He has learned never to correct an adult who tells him about the one they had, with the 440 Hemi and two dual quads. He just calls me and we laugh together. Good luck and keep it up.

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Dave Miller & David Jr. Deltona, Florida