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here are some pictures of my 1972 340 duster..its plum crazy purple(body and paint done by my cousin rich wilcox) with a white 340 stripe(bryon cwykla)..it has a .020 over 340 with a stock crank and rods and 11 to 1 comp., a MP .508/292 hyd cam, ported and polished x-heads with 2.02 in and 1.60 ex valves,a alum single plane with a 750 dp holley,headers and 3"exhaust...a 727(built by my friend randy juliano) with a turbo action reverse valve body and a 10" 3800 dynamic converter(not enough, need an 8" 4500 to 5000) and an 8 3/4 rear with 4:10's..weld pro-stars all around with 26"x4.5" MT frontrunners in the front and 28"x11.5" hoosier pros in the back...other thanks go to steve didato,geno abbruzzese,my uncle dick wilcox,my dad Rev. bill wilcox and my wife lisa(pregnant) and my 3 little girls..alyssa,taylor and anna - PITSANDUS@aol.com

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