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Here is a picture of my hemi orange 1970 Dodge Charger 500. It originally came with a 318 automatic, A/C and remote driver mirror but now has a 1974 400 c.i. out of a Roadrunner. This is the second 70 Charger 500 I've owned. And the way you see it is the way I bought it. Had to get ride of my first one because I had put over $6500 dollars in it in about three years and have three little girls to raise, (my mife and oldest daughter cried when it left). But when I found this one in a local listing for $2,500.00 or best offer I had to go look at it. So I took my wife with me and when she saw it she said "if you dont get it I will". so here it is hope yall like it , it will be in the family a long time. It does need some interior work but is all there and has some rust in the rear quarters. Thanks for the great website, Corey(70hemi)

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