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Hi my name is Jimmy Neal. This is my 68 Charger, I bought it when i was in hi school , its is still in primer, and was then , 21 years ago. I work to much, but lately it has started to take shape, who whants a 6 pack when you can have a12 pack. Don't know where or what it came off of but i found it at a swap meet for $40.00 works pretty good, six two barrel strombergs on a Eddelbrock in take.

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Here some pic- of the fun we had last summer on brice road ,col Ohio. My frind tom keep doing burn outs, they finaly got him give him a ticket ($80.) and when we drove back down brice road pople were chearing and throwing money in the car when we got to the end of the road I counted ($113.00 dollars). Thats pretty good for a $80.ticket hope you like picthers. Thanks Jimmy Neal.

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