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I thought I would send a couple of photos of a car I just purchased. It not a show car, drag car or anything real exciting, but I thought it may be of some interest to our American Chrysler cousins.

The car is a 1968 Chrysler Valiant VE Regal. The car came equipped with the Slant Six 225 of 160HP (two barrel Carter Carby) and Torqueflite Automatic (273 V8 was an option). The Valiant is a Two owner vehicle with 80,000 original miles. It does have some shopping centre dents and scratches, but it is quite an honest example of this model.

Note the very similar styling to the 1967-1969 Dodge Darts. I wonder if the Grille assembly would fit a Dart of the same period, as it looks like it would be a simple bolt on.

Cheers Adam in Australia

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