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Here are some pics of my AAR. Options include A22 front and rear rubber bumpers, T/A Steering box, Rallye dash, Pistol grip, 3.91 gears. This was my dad's car when he was in high school. When I was born in 1975, This is what I came home from the hospital in. He sold the car when I was two or three years old. I grew up knowing only to love mopars and wanting to find this car. I have had an FC7 71 Roadrunner, and several other mopars but when I found the car I had dreamed about all my life , nothing else seemed to matter. There are 24 years and five owners difference between my dad and my name on the title. I know that I got lucky. I also own a FC7 R/T SE Challenger basket case that I am currently parting out. It is numbers matching 383 that is loaded to the gills. Hope you enjoy the pictures. Thanks, D.J.

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