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She's a 68 Coronet Deluxe coupe with a 225 slant six, 904 tranny, 8 1/4 open differential rear end, and a dealer installed "cooler air" air conditioner. It was originally purchased in Chicago, but made its way to Phoenix, AZ, where it was owned and well maintained by a 90 year old married couple. They decided to sell it to a friend and he brought it up to Minnesota to sell. Now she's all mine... As near as I can tell, it's never really been restored. The car's been re-painted and had some dent work done, but everything else, including the entire interior, looks original. It's even still got the jack sticker in the trunk and the emissions sticker on the fender liner. There are 108,000 miles on the odo, and she runs like a new car. It doesn't burn or leak any oil or differential fluid, although the tranny seems to leak a bit from the main seal. I'm actually having a bit of a crisis of conscience because it runs and drives so well (21 MPG on a 200 mile highway trip) as is. I've cleaned up the engine compartment quite a bit since these pictures were taken.

Tom Enroth (WannaBee68)

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