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An uncle bought this car in the early 70's, originally ran with stick shift, and then parked for 14 years and stripped. After uncle died I (joey sisco) got the car and made it what it is now. It is a 1968 Plymouth Sport Satellite. It has a .040 440 with aluminum heads and 11:1 compression. It has a 727 w/ a transact transbrake. Narrowed dana 60 w/ 456 gears. It has 31x13's on rear. The car runs 6.90's @99 mph in 1/8 mile and 10.90 @123 mph in 1/4 mile. The car still weighs 3100 lbs.It has 1.47 60 ft times, and still has leaf springs and original frame rails in tack. Jsisco28@aol.com

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