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Hi. Here's a few pictures of my road runner clone. 2 years ago this was a 300.00 blackberry queen. This is my first mopar attempt. I bought maybe the first road runner in Los Angeles in sept of 1967. (my uncle owned a chrysler dealership). Kids etc. precluded my owning another till now. The car came with an automatic and a 400 motor. When I took apart the interior, I found a clutch pedal under the rotten carpets. I was delighted to find absolutely no rust or scale anywhere on the car. After a lot of work the car now sports a very healthy 451, and a four speed. The original 230 something rear end was a joke. I replaced it with a 3.91 sure grip. New interior complete from legendary and a complete body massage and color change from Tan to Black made quite a difference. I'm stiull detailing the engine compartment and chasing down minor electrical things. virtually everything is new or rebuilt. Peter

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