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Here is a picture of my dad's 1966 Plymouth Belvedere Wagon. It was originally owned by Gary Ostrich from Nevada, Iowa. Gary built it to run in SS/GA in 1968 for Chrysler. What made it odd was that it ran with a HEMI. Chrysler provided NHRA with production records of the cars being built but only 2 were. Gary built an automatic and Lee Smith from Moline IL built a stick car. Gary gave an interview in 1989 to Performance Car Enthusiast Magazine and he spoke of the car and there was a picture of it originally. My dad has owned it since 1982 and we started racing it in 1997. It has a 451 stroker motor that runs 11.20's at 3650 lbs. We recently recieved a color photos from HemiFred.com when Gary had it. When we repainted it we sanded down and found the original purple paint that was Gary's trademark paint job. When my dad bought it he knew the history and wanted to build something different. At the time he had a 1967 GTX that he raced for 12 years and sold it to build the wagon. My name is Brad Curtin and my dad's name is Matt.

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