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Hi,there I write from Vienna, Austria(Europe), you know,Arnold is from there. My son and I like your site and we please you to put fotos from our fish to the Mopars around the world section. We purchased our 70 Barracuda 383 with 727 TF in 95 from the first owner here in Vienna. It is a numbers matching car with Broadcast sheet and Fender Tag. Last winter we spent our fish a solid ground up resto with sandblasting, new right back panel, passenger door, front glass, carpet, sky, dash pad, upholstery, rebuilt the optional 383 2bbl engine and trans, spent new wiring, all driving components, exhaust and many other parts to put the Barracuda better than new. In September 03 the mopar muscle mag took it in the mag and many awards are now in my sons sleeping room. My wife like driving the car and we have a lot of fun the whole summer. Wish you the best and a happy new year, stay clean, GŁnther Kargl from Vienna.

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