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Hello, I just wanted to give everyone an update on my 70 Coronet 440. I just put in a 500 HP 440 with a built 727. Still working on getting the parts to make it into a Bee. I will be putting a set of headers and 2.5 exhaust with cutouts with 3.55 sure grip and slicks. I will be happy when I am in the low 12s. here are a few new pics of her I also included some shots of my Ram, I am not sure if you wanted to just add that to my cars stuff. Here is some info on her- My truck is a 1990 Dodge Power Ram. It has a FI 318, auto. 3.55 gears, power windows, power locks, sliding rear window, alloy rims, LE interior pkg, 4X4, AC, cruise, custom pin stripe, disc/drums and a bunch of other stuff I cant remember! I want to put a 3/4 ton suspension under it in the future. Thanks, Zack Petrick

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This is my 1970 Coronet 440 that I pulled out of a field this summer. it is soon to be a B-5 Super Bee with a white C-stripe. Still looking for either a bulge or duel scoop hood but out side of that I have been lucky for a lot of other parts. When I am done this will have no bondo or rust, nothing but straight lines and the rumble of a 440. Mean 318
Zack Petrick

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