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The particulars start with an old tired KOS racecar originally campaigned by Steve Lambert in the mopar King of The Street series. Back then it ran high 9s with a heavily nitroused 440 with stage 6 heads. When Ralph had a chance to pick up the car, he grabbed it. The old 440 needed to go seeing Ralph always wanted a Hemi ever since seeing Big Daddy's fueler at a race many years ago.

The Hemi in question is closer to the fueler motor than a stock 426 Hemi for sure! Starting with a KB aluminum block, velasco billet crank, brooks aluminum fueler rods, and Ross pistons fill the bottom end. The stainless valves in the special D port KB heads are tickled by a custom LSM Systems Engineering solid roller cam spec'd for a healthy dose of laughing gas. Feeding the hungry elephant is an Indy intake topped by an OSP prepped holley HP dominator and Wilson Pro-Flow direct port single stage nitrous system.

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The 727 was retired in favor of a full-tilt JW ultra case Powerglide with 1.80 straight cut internals by Coan. A custom Pro Torque Nitrous converter handles coupling duties while a dynotech aluminum driveshaft spins the power back to the ol reliable dana.

Up front, nothing else but Bill's Alter K tion would do. It sure helps this old heap go down the quarter on a rail! The instalation was very straightforward and Bill was a great help and a wealth of knowledge even wel after the purchase ! The entire electrical system was replaced with a Spaghetti Menders' racecar wiring system installed by Glenn at Ocean State Performance.

Ralph Farrar - Hemi Duster