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Hello I'm Ken Michalik,
I would love for you guys to show my Dusters in memebers rides. The first is my 71 Duster it is Panther Pink it currently runs a very stout 360 backed by a Liberty slick shifted A-883 trans, the rear is a B-Body Dana 60 w/ 4.56 gears.. I've not yet run it but it should be an easy 11.70 car. The second Duster is Sublime in color and runs a Muscle motors 474 backed by a 3 speed auto with a trans brake out back is a narrowed 8 3/4 w/ 4.56 gears. The car weighs 3065 without me in it. To date it has run a best of 10.31 at 125 on a slick track. Hope so see them on your web page. This page has made me so may sells to help finance my cars!!! Thanks so much for a great web page.