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This is my A body MoPars. My first MoPar is a 1970 Dart Swinger, it was 225 cu.in. slant6, but it's have a v8 k-member. The motor and a tranny is gone a long time ago... It's VIN: LL23C0rxxxxxx I'd like make a 318 v8 car from it. My second car is a 1968 Valiant 100 2 door sedan, it was 170 cu. in. and a 3 speed manual tranny car, but when I trade it, I was found a Volga M24 engine in it... It's VIN: VL21A8Exxxxxx I'd like a 225 slant6 engine for it's motorhome. I was found they in Budapest, few mounts ago. Now We restore these cars in Zsombo, Hungary.
Szabo "Moparkid" Gyula

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