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Hi,I've been a longtime visitor of Moparts,but I never signed up until today. I don't know why. I'm glad to be home! I've been a Mopar freak since I was 4. That's no bull either. I remember the exact second. My Dad had a '67 Mustang fastback. He only had it a few weeks and someone ran into it in front of my Grams' house. He showed up at my other Grams' house a few days later in this big dark green car that was unlike anything I'd ever seen. As we were leaving he turned the corner, dropped the column shifter down and stood on it, planting my 50 lb. butt in the bench seat. After shifting into second he turned to me and said "this is a road runner." It was a '68 383 hardtop. He had just paid 300 bucks for it! My Mom said I changed after that.Not in a bad way, but I had definitely found my passion. I cried as he cut up a scorch red '69. He had paid 150 for it. The engine was blown and he wanted the 4 speed setup. I cried. Shortly after that he traded the '68 for a '70 Charger R/T. A 4 speed 440 car with a blown engine, which was replaced with another 440 from a '69 GTX. At the same time my uncle had a '69 383 automatic Road Runner and a '72 340 4 speed 'Cuda,metalflake blue with flames.He rolled the 'Cuda in '82 or so,and shortly thereafter blew up the bird.

A couple years later a lot of the 'Cuda's parts ended up on my Dad's '73 'Cuda, which he also bought cheap. An ex drag car, it had a 383 automatic and 4.56's. Then the real priorities took over. The R/T went in the barn,and the 'Cuda sat in the driveway after the 383 was hurt. He sold the 'Cuda just as I was getting old enough to start thinking I was gonna fix it up and drive it to school.

Probably a good thing,way too much car for a kid! Unfortunately,by the time I was old enough to start looking for a Mopar, the musclecar boom started to hit (89-90) and everything I could afford was really rusty (I'm between Rochester and Buffalo,the rust belt buckle) I had a real rusty slant 6 '67 Dart, a '73 318 Satellite,and a '74 400 4 speed Road Runner (of course wrecked and engineless) before I bought my '73 'Cuda 340 when I was 19. I paid 1200, and with a little work was able to put 5000 miles on it that summer, before the quarters really started flapping. I was well into the restification on that one (quarters,wheelhouses,an engine build and a 4 speed swap (more parts from my uncle's car) when my '69 Charger found me. My Dad's R/T was driven hard and put away wet, and the leaky barn roof didn't help. Exstensive rot made it a parts car. Lots of parts are on both my 'Cuda and Charger. The Charger is a 383 magnum automatic. It's originally an Oklahoma car so it's pretty solid. I stole it for 5 grand in '01. I added R/T badges, but I don't like the term clone. At least not until the 440 and Dana from Dad's car go in!

Hope you like my story,this is the super short version! Jason Anderson

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