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Hi ,this is my 1966/67 Valiant Wayfarer ute, I'm from Sth Australia, Australia, I have only just finished it's restoration in Dec 2006. I have just found out that the guy I purchased it from was the grandson of the original owner. It took just over two years to complete the restoration , it had a fair bit of rust around the front of the car ( sill panels and floor ) this was all cut out and replaced with new metal and treated so it will not rust again.The body was very straight so that was a bonus for the body guy, not a lot of work required there. Just about every thing on the car has been replaced with new or restored items. We have just had our states all Chrysler Day here in Sth. Australia at the end of February and our club had a good display with my Ute taking out the best ute trophy and another member getting best A body for his 66 Dart.
Regards Wayne Bartlett.

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