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It's a 1980 Dodge Utiline 2wd with 225 /6 and 3speed OD tranny. I bought this truck when I was in high school and spent a year working on the truck.
Painting was finished on Christmas eve, but it got damaged pretty bad in a Hail storm about 5 months later.
I eventually sold it when I was in college. It was a fun truck and I always regretted selling it. Every now and then I hear of a sighting of my old truck, so I know it's still kickin!
I got a lot of comments on the paint...Wasn't nearly even a "good" paint job, but a lot of people loved the color. I believe it was was "Medium Green Metallic" from on of the old 68 Plymouth colors.

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In 2003 I went down to Texas and got a new project (Red truck below). It's a 1979 Dodge Utiline 2wd with a factory 360 4bbl, 727 combo. I am currently in the process of working on a frame up restification.

I'm planning on painting it like my old truck and adding the Little Red Express Steps, Stacks, and Outer Wood to the bed. I plan on rebuilding the engine to try and get around 350-400hp.

If you would add them to your picture list, that would be great...you don't see many Utilines on the web unless they are LRE's.

Thanks, Mike Rodick

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