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Hey guys, I am fairly new to the site. At least I dont get the oppritunity to log on very often. I am a 3rd generation Mopar finatic, I live in Tempe Az. My latest progect was a 1970 dodge dart swinger, 6 cyl. a/t a/c car. Of course like unto many survivors it was green. I have put alot of sweat ( AZ. of course I am going to sweat) into what I have always wanted. It is now painted Top Banana yellow, Bumble bee stripe (matte blk), I installed a relatively stock 383 (schumaker kit), Bbody hp manifolds, o/d 4 speed, power steering, A/C (currently is not completed), disc brakes, 8 3/4, cop car wheels, etc... I really enjoy the site and all the help people are willing to give. One big Mopar family. Here is a pic of my car if you would post in the members rides area, thanks alot for a great site. Jason Hopkins.

P.S. my dad is also a site member.

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