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The engine is a 512” all aluminum Keith Black Hemi with “D” port heads, T&D rocker system, a LSM Systems Engineering custom 4-7 swap solid roller cam with over .860” lift, Isky Red Zone lifters, Manton custom pushrods, a Velasco Billet crank, Howards “Top Fuel” connecting rods, arias pistons ( around 12:1) , and a Wilson Pro Flow direct port Nitrous system good for 500 or so extra horses. The trans is a JW powerglide with 1.80 straight – cut gearset. Joe at Pro Torque built a custom converter for this combo. Most of the work was done at Ocean State Performance in North Kingstown, RI. ( www.oceanstateperformance.com ) We’ve only made one easy shakedown pass on the juice so far, but with the base jets ( 24 square ) and a ton of timing pulled out via the MSD digital 7 programmable ignition, it went an effortless 9.46 @ 143MPH . The hood is pitched up at the back to help purge extra air in the engine compartment. It tended to lift ( the hood bulged up ) pretty decent after half track. The piece from the grille to the rad support is really there holding the beat-up shark tooth grille together and in place. The wheels are 15 x 12 with a 5" backspace. The car is mini tubbed to the stock frame rails. The Duster is an original 340 4 speed car that has been a race car for a looooong time. it ws run in the early days of KOS racing by Steve Lambert. Back then it had a Stage 6 headed 440 with a ton of spray getting it into the nines. It's true, Old racecars never die, THEY JUST GO FASTER !

Ralph - Mulehead