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Im Scott Pausch. I have always loved mopars ever scince i saw my dads 73 charger se 440 sunroof car sitting in the garage!! well last year i finally got my first mopar a 1972 charger se with only a 318 in it!! But over the winter me and my brother have overhauled it by putting a 3.23 sure grip, 727 trans with a cheetah manual valve body and a Killer smallblock in it. It has a edelbrock air gap intake and carb. hooker headers and flowmaster X-pipe exhaust. It also has a 292 comp magnum cam with a 2800-3200 stall B&M converter. Crane roller tip rockers and the famous mopar performance valve covers and air cleaner. My plan with the charger is to make a superbee that chrysler never made in '72. My dad is a graphic artist and he came up with a sweet superbee stripes that he is currently making now. will send another picture of the car when stripes go on! During the build i also bought a 74 dart sport with a mildly built 318 and 727 trans and sure grip rearend, with a holley 2bbl my best was 15.7 down the strip!

Mopar or no car....everything else just sucks