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Here is my '72 Duster 340 at Richmond, VA dragway in October 1995. It has a 340 engine with W-2 heads, 750 Holley carb, Headers by Ed equal length headers, 3" exhaust, MP .557"/296 mech cam, 11.5 compression, stock 318 truck crank, 340 rods. Also, a 4 speed transmission at that time (now a 904 with 8" converter), 8-3/4 4.56 gears, Super Stock springs, all steel body. Best ET, mph, 60' to date, 11.39 @ 118 with 1.56 short time. Still looking for the 10.90 zone

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Here is the Duster in my driveway in street legal trim. Car is registered and I drive it to the local hang outs. Car is factory Tor-Red with Centerline Auto Drag wheels.

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Here is a shot of the engine compartment

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Here is a picture of the engine during a freshen rebuild after an oiling problem. Installed the next step up MP cam .590/312, new bearings, oil pump, machined the crank & rods. The TRW 12.5 pistons have been milled down to 11.5 compression for better flame travel, and lighten the rotating weight a bit. Also installed lightweight tool steel wrist pins.

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Here is a picture of my 1971 Duster 340 that I bought from the original owner in 1986 for $500. Had 131,000 miles and 75% original Ralley Red paint. Has a 727 with 3.23 factory gears (currently 3.91), factory rear spolier, A/C, PS, PB. Another 340 has been installed with MP bracket heads, MP .528/284 cam, Hamburger 7 qt pan, Hooker 1-3/4 headers, Turbo Action 10" 3500 converter. Best ET, mph, and 60' 13.04 @ 105 with a 1.88 short time with P205-70R14 radial tires!

Thanks, John Russo