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Update: Car now runs 11.29 @117 mph as of 2/12/'05. I had to get out of the track fast after that 'cause of the NHRA rules saying no car can run under 11.50 with out a cage. But I couldn't help myself. DRIVE UM LIKE YOU STOLE UM.

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My '71 340 Duster. I've had it about seven years now. Car will turn high 11's on pump gas, due to a 416 cube stroked 340 with 308 "preped" swirl port heads, 727 auto with some goodies inside, and 391 gears out back. Hooker headers, 2 1/2" aluminized exhaust pipes through flowmasters. Stroker340

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The Duster's 1/4 mile time is 11:56 @115 + mph

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