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My name is Travis Zollner and I have looked on Moparts for about a year now and thought I would send you some pictures of my 63 Valiant (which I found on the Moparts a-body classifieds) . I attached some pictures of my car and you can pick which ones, if any, you want to put up on your member rides section.

Zollner1.jpg - 36756 Bytes
This is a side view of my Valiant. Looks pretty bad but other then the quarter panels it is pretty solid. The frame, trunk pans, and floor pans are in good shape. The rear wheel well looks larger because me and my brother cut off the rust. I think the green fenders and the rust adds to the sleeper look of the car (I would fix the car up and paint it if I had extra money though). The wheels I think are 14x7 large bolt pattern rally wheels, with 1973 Dodge Dart disc brakes in the front.

Zollner2.jpg - 36334 Bytes
This is a front side view.

Zollner3.jpg - 52527 Bytes
This is where this Valiant kind of stands out from other early a-bodies. The engine is a 440 HP, out of a 1968 Dodge Charger, bored 30 over. It has a 509 hydraulic cam, 1962 413 closed chamber heads, Six pack rods, M1 intake, 850 Holley double pumper carburetor, but the compression ratio is only 9 to 1 so it can run on pump gas (87 octane).

Zollner4.jpg - 35385 Bytes
This picture shows the 4.30 geared 8.75 clutch type Suregrip rear end that is equipped with Green axle bearings. It also shows the exhaust exiting out of the rear of the car. The car used to only have 3 inch pipe exiting out right in front of the rear axle. As you can see I extended the pipes out of the back since then to curb exhaust fumes and sound away from the interior. I did have to compromise and use only 2.5 inch pipe to extend the pipes out of the rear of the car in order to fit the pipes over the rear axle. Another unique thing about my car is that the exhaust begins with custom made underchassis headers that fit inside of the inner fenders with no cutting.

Zollner5.jpg - 65035 Bytes
Here is another picture, this time with my wide rear tires on it (hopefully you can see them on there)

Zollner6.jpg - 52033 Bytes

One final picture I took this picture to show off the nice line running down the side of my Valiant (and other Valiants), it also shows how the engine weighs down the front of the car and causes the rear to rise slightly, again with the wide tires on.

As you can see my Valiant may not look the prettiest it does pack a heck of a punch, it is projected to run in the high 11 or low 12 second range but I can't take it to the track to test it because I don't want to put in a roll cage. It is really fun to cruise in this car or even just drive it to work. One thing I like about my Valiant is that most other 20 year olds are not into old 60's cars, especially old economy cars like Valiants, so it is a very distinct car to drive. Also a few older people actually had a Valiant back when and it is always nice to talk to somebody who used to have a Valiant when they first came out. Better yet are the people asking what I have in my Valiant, they almost all think 340, its priceless when I can see the expression on their face when I say 440. I also like to do burnouts for kids when driving my Valiant. My prime example is the time I was following a school bus full of probably 8-10 year old kids. At first a few kids were looking at my car so I pull up along side the bus and just out of luck me and the bus got stuck at a stoplight, side by side. So after the green light I first look for cops and then wait for the bus to pull up so I am lined up with the back seats of the bus and do a burnout until I pass the bus. About a half mile later I somehow ended up behind the bus again, and nearly every kid was mashed up against the windows looking at my car and giving me thumbs up. The bus proceeds to move into the turn lane and with all the kids looking I thought why not do another burnout. So I did another burnout about half the length of the bus. I figured when I was young every time I saw a loud old car I thought they should spin the tires. I think I should make up for the burnouts I did not see when I was young. Sorry for the rambling on and such but I hope you liked the pictures I sent you and if you would put my Valiant up on the member rides page I would be most appreciative.