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Hey Guys & Gals,
I've been out of the "collector" scene for a few years, but now I'm back with a vengence! I'd like to add my newest acqusition to your members photo page. It's a 1967 GTX that is 99.5% original with a mild mannered 440/4 powering a good old 727. This was an original barn sitter for years when the owner decided to sell the farm and everything on it. This comes with the split front bench, stock A/C and AM Radio. I've restored a 70 Charger in the past but had to sell it because of Children. The 1st is off to college this year so I have a few minutes of spare time to work on a car now. This one doesn't need much to complete it's retoration, I hope to add more detailed photos as it nears it's completion. I'd like to someday have mine in your featured mopar section. Thank You for Hosting this excellant site. Restorations were a tad bit more difficult before computers came along!
Sincerely, Ed Herrmann

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