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I don't have any trophies to include but I would still like to post pics of my collection. that is if nobody would be offended by them. I love'em.

Thanks, Richie

68 Sport Fury Conv. - 124K miles. 383 4bbl auto. I'm gettin' there.
Richie1.jpg - 68370 Bytes

68 Dart GT Conv. - 190K miles. 273 2bbl. Most recent acquisition.
Richie2.jpg - 64203 Bytes

66 Dart 270 Conv. - 74K mile 273 2bbl. Work in progress.
Richie3.jpg - 64143 Bytes

67 Sport Fury Fast Top - 69K miles. 383 4bbl 4spd A/C, buckets. Dad's old car. Waiting for restoration.
Richie4.jpg - 80448 Bytes