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I am Casey K. Mullins. My wife Mare and I own a few decent examples of E-bodies. Her 73 Frost green is still in the paint shop, But here's our Limelight 70 SE Drag car 12.5-1 440-.030 Max wedge heads, Indy, Lunati, Liberty-ized 4 spd, Moser 4.88 Dana/spool, SS springs, Dominator, Harlan Sharpe,TRW,Milodon,Dvorak,Morrison,Ex-Humphries& Lambeck SS Hemi/Ramchargers oil pan.Has yet to make us proud, only ran 11.80s@117 w/wounded motor. Top Banana Street car, original Rallye 4 spd pdb/ ps/swaybar, 440 t-bars,Fuel curve six pack, 18 Spl 4 spd, 3.54 B-body dana, .509 cam,15x10" Rallyes w/ 275-60s ran 12.80s@109 w/ 4.10s Aloha from Hawaii, Casey (Sixgun)

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